Hey there!

I'm Ana Baturone

I am a proud Andalusian UX designer, currently living in the beautiful city of Munich, Germany. My values are:

Nothing helps better to keep people motivated. If I really believe in a product or service I will give my 100% to help them grow.

🚀Keep learning
I'm always curious about new ways to communicate, programs to help me to create better creative products, processes to be more efficient, and anything that catches my eye.

I'm a strong believer in "Teamwork makes the dream work". That's why I love to work as a team as much as alone. I always lend a hand if any team member needs it and also know when I need to ask for help. Creating good relationships with people from all departments it's really important for me.

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My Career so far

I've worked as a graphic designer in marketing for the last 3 years in different start-ups, which helped me develop the communications and visual skills that I apply today to the user experience process when I design.

It's not enough for me to simply turn up. I love to design with a smile on my face, coffee in-hand, and share a good laugh with my team.

Graphic Design
UX Design

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