Fetén - An Andalusian oil

Branding Project
Project Overview
Fetén is a food brand of Andalusian production. Its good value for money has allowed many consumers to access a wide range of products. Feten provides different products with a complete variety that allows us to cover all the needs of the clients.
My Contributions
As lead designer, I was in charge of developing the branding and creating the packaging of Fetén. I also did the photoshoot and editions of the promo images.
Fetén is a characteristic expression of Andalusia, which wants to say stupendous, excellent, or phenomenal, referring to the quality of our products.
Fetén grows its products in Seville and Córdoba. Aims to represent the festivity of Andalusia, celebrating our flavor and the warmth of our land. Seeking to give a friendly and jovial image to the public, Fetén celebrates the diversity and richness of the South.

One of the great values of Fetén is to offer a good product at a very good price. It is aimed at a mature audience, mainly families, although we would like to reach a younger audience as well. The brand focuses on parents since they are the ones who make the purchases in the homes.
The brand values are:

When making the logo, I looked for a font with a vintage aesthetic. That would remind the old posters, with those such characteristic ornamentation. Resulting in a logo with a lot of personality, pleasant, and a retro touch. In addition, ornamentation is typical of the tiles of the Andalusian patios, thus giving more meaning to the logo, “Fetén and that's all". The chromatic choice provided contrast and harmony, with the freshness of green and the warmth of mustard.